After a very hectic few months I’m hugely excited to be able to share the news of the latest addition to our product range. Today we have officially announced a genuinely transformative new solution called Testimony, which totally reinvents regression testing in SAP environments.

We all know that SAP systems need to constantly evolve to...

Basis Technologies präsentiert SAP zertifizierte Lösungen für agilere SAP Softwareentwicklung und die “Robotic Test Automation” Lösung Testimony
Posted by Joerg Landwehr - Monday, 18th September 2017 - DevOps, Agile Entwicklung

In diesem Jahr steht beim DSAG Jahreskongress der Übergang in die digitale Welt und die damit zunehmenden Herausforderungen an Business und IT im Fokus

Mittlerweile steht fest, dass Unternehmen deutlich agiler werden müssen, wenn Sie die Chancen, die der digitale Wandel bietet, ergreifen wollen. Die künftige Rolle von SAP darf dabei...

Posted by Peter Yabsley - Thursday, 7th September 2017 - DevOps, Unternehmenswandel, Agile Entwicklung, IT-Optimierung

As Basis Technologies’ product range has evolved over the years, from a straightforward SAP change control solution to a powerful suite of DevOps tools, a number of names and labels have come and gone.

It happens to many products as they evolve over time. Brad’s Drink became Pepsi-Cola, BackRub became Google and even Facebook started...

The Agile Product Development Rock Band
Posted by Stephan Metcalfe - Thursday, 8th June 2017 - Agile Entwicklung

Throughout my teenage years I played the guitar and sang in a few different bands, and I even tried my hand at being a singer/songwriter. Reflecting on those experiences now as a Product Manager, I can see many similarities in the way Agile product and software development teams work compared to a rock band.


Blog: SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 Wrap up
Posted by James Roberts - Thursday, 8th June 2017 - DevOps, Unternehmenswandel, Agile Entwicklung

So it’s the end of another SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG conference and now that I’m over the jetlag having returned to the UK, I wanted to share some highlights and discoveries.

The big theme of digital transformation was no surprise as this is on...